Special Efforts
Survival Encyclopedia

Needful Provision, Inc. (NPI)
01 November 2004

Memo To : CCAT (sent via email: ccat@foundation.sdsu.edu)
Subject : Application in Response to Solicitation 2004-031A
(for Industry & Academic Research Institutions)

1. Project Title: “Survival Encyclopedia for First Responders & Others”

2. Principal Investigator (PI): David A. Nuttle, President
(and Project Manager) Needful Provision, Inc. (NPI)
P.O. Box 1595, Tahlequah, OK 74465 USA
Tel. 918-868-5710 Fax 918-868-5709
Email: npiinc2000@aol.com
Website: www.needfulprovision.org
EIN: 85-0433956 DUNS: 07-853-9710

3. Abstract of Project Goals: The PI seeks to expand his very successful “Universal Survival Handbook” to create a “Survival Encyclopedia” that will provide effective ways and means to overcome natural and terrorist caused disasters of all types. Project goals are to greatly increase the survivability of first responders and other persons exposed to hazardous situations of all types. Individual sections will address survival problems unique to individuals, families, businesses, communities, soldiers in combat situations, volunteers who work for charities overseas, first responders, and others at risk. Based upon testimonies, from persons whose lives were saved by the PI’s “Survival Handbook,” there are reasons to believe the PI’s “Survival Encyclopedia” would meet project goals.

4. Solicitation Focus Area(s): c. Homeland Security --- First Responders --- Incident Management

5. Technology Area: Information/ Handbook/ Distance Survival Information System (via NPI’s website).

6. Business Support Services: Market Study, Business Plan, & Product Delivery

7. Product Development Award: Prototype Development & Test Evaluation (for an award of $69,000).

8. Project Duration: 9 months.

9. Project Plan & Goals:
a. The objective of the project is to produce a “Survival Encyclopedia” that will assist first responders, and others, in surviving and recovering from all types of natural and terrorist caused disasters. The commercial product to be evaluated is an actual “Survival Encyclopedia” to be first published on NPI’s website for easy and immediate availability by all potential users.
page 2 – NPI to CCAT

b. Prior development of survival techniques and technologies first came about as a result of the PI’s experience with the CIA in the conduct of counterterror and homeland security operations, overseas. (The PI is a former GS-14 CIA Special Operations Officer.) In addition, the PI has worked extensively to help resettle and provide security for refugees living in hostile areas where many aspects of survival were a daily requirement. As indicated above, the PI authored “The Universal Survival Handbook” used extensively by police, first responders, many military organizations, Boy Scouts, and volunteers working in hazardous areas. At present, the PI directs NPI ---plus an affiliate organization, Preparedness Systems, Intl., Inc. (PSI)--- in research, development, demonstration, & commercialization of innovative biosecurity and homeland security technologies.

c. Information and technology, for subject project, was developed by grants to the PI from CIA, USDOE, USDA, National Science Foundation, the N. Carolina Biotechnology Center, and others. In addition, NPI has provided over $1 million in its royalty income derived from 63 inventions developed by the PI (donated to NPI by the PI). Current work may be seen on NPI’s unique website (www.needful provision.org), with the most relevant work shown under “Preparedness Systems” topics, and the “Solar Technologies” topic.

d. Development work, proposed for this project, includes construction/ photographs of unique survival system models, such as Group Shelters, to fully protect against nuclear, radiological, chemical, and biological attack. Then the PI will add to his existing survival information to create a complete “Survival Encyclopedia” to be placed on NPI’s website. Thus, funds will be used for survival models, assorted photographs, writing & drawings, and website work.

e. The timetable will be 9 (nine) months, with all the above stated work essentially overlapping as progress on the effort occurs chapter by chapter. The measurable milestones will be the completion of each chapter. By meeting every milestone, a completed “Survival Encyclopedia” will result ---and prospective users will have immediate availability of information via NPI’s website.

10..Value Proposition: There are currently few survival handbooks, or other sources of information, that provide solutions needed to survive and recover from all types of natural and terrorist caused disasters. First responders, soldiers, volunteers working in hazardous areas, and all persons exposed to threats need to have comprehensive survival information easily and immediately available. The PI’s information and technology is superior to others due to being developed as a result of four decades of research in real life survival situations, of all types, as well as well focused research efforts on subjects as herein described. Some competitors offer books or videos that teach a few aspects of basic survival. None provide an encyclopedia of survival techniques to include effective ways to overcome all types of terrorist attack(s). The value of the PI’s effort also comes from having an encyclopedia of survival solutions freely and immediately available.
page 3 – NPI to CCAT

11. Commercialization Potential:
a. The significant problem addressed is how to better survive and overcome both
natural and terrorist caused disasters. Since there is an obvious & documented
shortage of effective solutions, there is a qualified good commercialization
potential, for the subject “Survival Encyclopedia,” if sold as a handbook (see
paragraph “d” below). This product may be used by all persons.

b. Subject product will greatly enhance existing survival products, while also acting to aggressively compete with those products.
c. There have been no formal or informal discussions, regarding subject project,
other than with NPI’s Officers and Directors. No future funding, business
alliances, and/or partnerships are required. The subject project is a complete and
total effort, ending in a final product. The only future effort might be foreign
language translations of the materials developed.

d. NPI will license its “Survival Encyclopedia to PSI, and PSI shall undertake the commercialization effort via publication of this information in handbook form.
e. Given the changing and diverse nature of the terrorist threat, first responders find
it difficult to quickly obtain all of the survival information that might be needed to help save lives. Immediate access, to an array of survival information, via the Internet and a handbook, would help to resolve this problem. Others in critical need of subject survival information include our soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan, volunteers now working overseas in hazardous areas, and all Americans. There is a known, strong market for the type of survival information this project will provide. Lives will be saved as a result of publishing the subject information.

12. Technology’s Maturity:
a. Survival techniques, to be published, have been proven via successful research as well as actual use, by the PI, in hazardous and terrorist environments.
b. As a result of completion of performance, for this award, the proposed effort will be fully completed.

13. Gaps to Commercialization: No commercial effort is planned as part of the CCAT effort. The subject “Survival Encyclopedia” will first be posted on NPI’s website as a public service --and to help save lives during natural and terrorist disasters. As a 501(c)(3) research oriented charity, NPI has no profit objective in its charter. NPI will later transfer the project to PSI, an affiliated “S Corporation.” PSI shall then seek a profit by publishing subject “Survival Encyclopedia,” as a handbook, available in several different languages. (PSI will pay NPI a royalty on any of these handbooks sold.)

14. Homeland Security/ Crises Management Application: The subject project will
act to improve the capability of first responders, and the public, to survive and recover from natural and terrorist caused disasters. In addition, the “Survival Encyclopedia” shall include a Citizen Corps model that provides a “roadmap” to help prevent terrorist attacks
page 4 – NPI to CCAT

from occurring. (One supplemental chapter will discuss “Nation Building” as it relates to crises management and counterterror in areas of conflict, such as Iraq and Afghanistan.)

15. Team Member(s) & Biographical Sketch(s): There are two team members: David A. Nuttle, NPI’s President, and Charles A. Gourd, Ph.D., NPI’s COO. During the 9 (nine) month project period, Nuttle will spend 90 percent of his time, and Dr. Gourd will spend 45 percent of his time, on subject project. The requested salary, for Nuttle & Gourd, is $36,900 ($4,100/ mo. x 9 mo.). Kelly Engineering, of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, has an experienced engineering staff that will assist with the development of models, and provide drawings. Kelly Lynn, of Promo Solutions, shall be responsible for adding the subject “Survival Encyclopedia” to NPI’s website. Mr. Lynn is a well-qualified, professional webmaster. Fees for Kelly Engineering, and model construction materials, will total $17,400 ---and Kelly Lynn needs $14,700 to fully develop and then post over 500 pages of information to NPI’s website. (Total project cost will be $69,000.) The PI’s (Nuttle’s) brief biographical sketch was provided in paragraph 9 b, above. Dr. Gourd
is a technology transfer specialist and skilled editor, who worked with Native American tribal governments, for over three decades, before coming to NPI (in 1998). Both Nuttle and Gourd will work on subject project, but Nuttle has the final project responsibility.

16. Intellectual Property: David A. Nuttle (PI) owns the copyright to his original “Universal Survival Handbook,” and will apply for a copyright on the new “Survival Encyclopedia.” Technologies used to support the effort were invented by Nuttle, and then donated to NPI. For commercialization purposes, these technologies were licensed
to Preparedness Systems Intl., Inc. (PSI), an NPI affiliated organization. An example
of the 63 proprietary technologies concerned include Nuttle’s U.S. Patent No. 5,121,708 and associated Trade Secrets used for polyphenolics production ---for food supplements to greatly increase immune response to help defend against bioterrorist attacks. No new intellectual property needs to be acquired, and all of the said parties agree that current technology (as indicated above) may be used to support subject project. None of the Government’s intellectual property, or intellectual property owned by others, will be used for the subject project.

17. Project Budget Summary: The budget summary is as stated in paragraph 15 above:
$36,900 for team salaries, $17,400 for engineering and construction materials, and $14,700 for publication via NPI’s website ($69,000 total). Any other direct or indirect costs will be paid by NPI.

18. Principal Investigator/ Project Manager Certification: To the best of my knowledge, I certify that the information contained in the grant application is true and discloses all requested information.

Signature: (Signed), David A. Nuttle Date: 01 November 2004

N.B. Work on the subject project will begin as soon as CCAT grant funding is available.